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stag do tops

Are you planning a Stag Do this year and are you thinking of having some Stag Do tops made up? If so then talk to us as we offer something that no other company does. Being the best man means getting things right, so let us take this part off your hands.

Having special made stag do tops is a MUST for all stag do trips and it's vital they look the part. With the Cheetah Stag do tops you can be a lot more creative than the standard tops you might get made up down your local printers. We give you the complete freedom to have exactly what you want and to really stand out and be noticed. 

Pre-made Designs

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Stag do tops


which would you prefer?

Cheetah Stag Tops

basic high street

Stag Do Top Cheetah Sportswear

Pricing per top

Bespoke only

1 - 5 tops      £16.99

6 - 11 tops    £14.99

12 - 20 tops  £13.99

21- 30 tops   £13.49

31+ tops       £​12.50

Origination fee = Free
Delivery to UK = £7.50

Lead time   = 4 weeks
Express = 1 week 

Design your tops


These can all be fully customised


Stag Do Catsuit

crop top & hotpants

Stag Sports Bra.png


Stag Dress Cheetah Sportswear

crop top & leggings

Stag Leggings

other items for your trip

These can all be fully customised

Polo Top

Stag Polo


Stag Hoodie


Stag T-shirt

rain jacket

Stag Jacket.png

Stag Bags

Stag Bags
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