How does it work?

STAGE 1- You design the kit

Creating your own kits has never been so easy. With the help of our state of the art kit creator, you can create your dream kits exactly the way you want. We feature lots of templates that allow you to edit the colours, change neck styles, add logos, sponsors, player names and numbers. Our software updates as soon as you make a change, meaning you can constantly view updates in 3D.

STAGE 2 - Review your order

The next stage is to confirm your order, this will be done by a member of our sales team sending you a sign off sheet. This will feature your designs, sizes and quantities. We need to ensure we have all of the correct information before continuing.

STAGE 3 - Kit Creation Process

  1. Moisture-wicking is added when the fabric is dyed

  2. Design process

  3. Printing designs 

  4. Paper printing 

  5. Paper to Fabric Transfer

  6. Cutting

  7. Stitching 

  8. Assembling 

  9. Quality Control 

  10. Final Inspection 

  11. Order Packing 

  12. Shipment 

STAGE 4 - Wait for your order to arrive

Once your garments are completed and have passed inspection, we will ship them directly to your front door. 

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