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How does it work?

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The first stage is discussing what you require. This can be done over the phone or email with one of our sportswear experts. Here we will discuss your vision and what your dream kits/outfits will look like

STAGE 1- What do you require?

STAGE 2 - Mockup designs created

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Our in-house graphic designers will now start to put some artwork together for you. This means you will be assigned a dedicated designer who will work 1-1 with you on your designs. The designer will spend time with you discussing what you require and will send you 3D visuals of your garments. You will have unlimited revisions until you are happy with the design.

STAGE 3 - Review your order


The next stage is to confirm your order, this will be done by a member of our sales team sending you a sign off sheet. This will feature your designs, sizes and quantities. We need to ensure we have all of the correct information before continuing.

STAGE 4 - Production 

Cheetah Factory.jpg

Your ​order will now be passed down to our factory for production.  Depending on what you have ordered, the process will pass through 12 different stages and finish up with quality control, packing and dispatch. 

STAGE 5 - Wait for your order to arrive

Once your garments are completed and have passed inspection, we will ship them directly to your front door. 

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