About Us

Cheetah Sportswear Ltd was founded in 2015 and with a clear and simple dream, to provide the very best quality sportswear which is cost-effective and for our clients to design their own dream garments.

Cheetah Sportswear Ltd was founded in 2015, although the majority of the team has been working in this industry since the early ’90s and come with key experience in regard to designing and manufacturing high-end sportswear. Several of our senior members have worked with some of the biggest sportswear brands in the world.

We offer an extensive range of custom-made apparel which includes Football (Soccer), Basketball, Dodgeball, Korfball, Rugby, Cricket, Cycling, Netball dresses, Grid Girl Outfits, Cheerleader, plus lots more. 

Our professional management team liaise closely with clients to develop and manufacture new products based on customer requirements, market trends and client needs. Our staff and production team have over 23 years of apparel and 10 years of sublimation experience, ensuring you receive the best product and service available.

Cheetah Sportswear has two HQ offices in the United Kingdom and the United States of America, plus a 3rd base opening in Europe mid-2020.

management team


Dean founded Cheetah Sportswear in 2015 and has been working in the sportswear & apparel industry for 10 yrs

Global Management Director



Manages our UK and US Sales and marketing development teams. Steve is based in the UK & USA. 

Sales & Marketing Manager



Bali is based from our main factory and ensures the day to day runs smoothly.  

Asian Management Director



Sarah heads up our account management team and is responsible for looking after all clients.

Global Account Manager



Amy works alongside Sarah and is responsible for looking after all UK clients & ensuring everyone is looked after.

Regional UK Account Manager



Carolina manages key accounts mostly in the US, but also manages clients based in other parts of the world. 

Account Manager - ROW



Shiva has a very creative flair and loves nothing more than a challenge. Shiva will be the person who most likely creates your artwork. 

Lead Graphic Designer



Hala is responsible for ensuring all equipment is regulary maintained, running smoothly and materials are constantly stocked up. 

Senior Factory Manager



Linda is responsible for keeping the finances in tip top condition.  She will raise invoices and clear all purchase invoices

Senior Accountant



Nothing ever leaves the factory without the signoff from Kali. The buck stops with her he can check over x200 individual garments each day.

Quality Control Analyst



Aldo runs our I.T systems and ensures everything runs smoothly. Aldo works mostly from the UK office. 

Lead Creative Developer