About Us

Cheetah Sportswear Ltd was launched in 2015 although the majority of the team have been working in this industry since 1992 and come with lots of essential experience in regarding to designing and manufacturing sportswear to an extremely professional level.

We offer an extensive range of bespoke made sports clothing lines which includes Football (Soccer) Kits, Rugby kits, Cricket uniforms, Cycling Garments, Netball dresses, Grid Girl Outfits, Cheerleader outfits plus lots more. We supply anything from just x1 outfit to large team wear orders and generally provide to corporate organisations, schools and sports teams who want the opportunity to put their stamp on every garment piece they order using the vibrant medium of sublimation.

Our professional management team liaise closely with clients to develop and manufacture new products based on customer requirements, market trends and client needs. Our staff and production team have over 23 years of apparel and 5 years of sublimation experience, ensuring you receive the best product and service available. Cheetah ship bespoke made sportswear orders worldwide on a daily basis and have offices in London, Miami and India with the main factory being based in India.