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Create your own Ring Girl & MMA outfits. Get in touch for a quick quotation.

UFC Top & Waisted Hotpants

UFC Top & Hotpants

UFC Octagone

UFC Top & Waisted Hotpants

UFC Outfit Red.jpg

MMA & Ring Girl Outfits

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering bespoke made Ring girl outfits and the Octagon garments which will be exactly the same as the outfits used for the UFC. These can be branded exactly the way you want with lots of different colours available. We also offer a number of other style ring girl outfits which are used everyday all over the world.  We are based in the U.K and USA. Everything is custom made, except the below buy now items which are now in stock. 

Breathable Sports Bra & Wasted Hotpants

Breathable sports bra & High wasted hotp

Sports Bra & Wasted Hot Pants

Finesse Models.jpg
Ring Girl Outfits.png


Bikini 1.JPG
Bikini Rear.JPG

Crop top & Hotpants

Crop top & Hotpants.JPG
Scoop Crop top and Hotpants.JPG

Scoop Neck Dress

Crop Top & Pleated Skirt

Cheetah Crop and Pleated Skirt.jpg
Crop top and Pleated Skirt.jpg
Scoop Dresses.jpg

Keyhole Crop top & Hotpants

Key hole.jpg
Crop Top & Hotpants

Keyhole Crop top & Trousers

Keyhole Sleeveless Top & Trousers.jpg

Zip Catsuits


Short Zip Catsuits

Short Catsuit.jpg

Please avoid using a Gmail account if possible. We have isses contacting these accounts.

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