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Quick Creation Mode

As well as offering a completely bespoke service allowing you to create team kits from complete scratch, we also offer our “Quick Creation Mode”.

Our quick creation mode was launched June 2020 and despite the COVID-19 Lockdown, this has proved very popular. Cheetah Sportswear is currently (at the time of writing this) the only U.K company to offer this service.

What is the Quick Creation mode?

Over time we have found that not everyone wants to use the 3D kit designer or wants to sketch out ideas on a blank template. We can’t all be creative and don’t all have the ideas to create an amazing kit.

Our talented designers have put together some very unique and exciting templates that allow you to simply upload your team crest, sponsor, player names and numbers. This process can be done in a matter of minutes, rather than hours/ days compared to our completely bespoke service.

As well as choosing your design you can also select the fabric you desire along with the collar style and of course the sizes.

We currently offer Kit packages (jerseys and shorts) and single jerseys on their own. We are constantly working on new designs to add to the site. If you see a design you love, but not necessarily the colours, then let us know and we will change these around for you.

The lead time is 3-4 weeks from once you check out, but of course we always try to beat this and deliver as quickly as possible.

Take a look for yourself and see if anything takes your fancy. The idea is to offer unique and exciting kits, that none of your competitors will have.

Why settle for the same old boring kits when you can have something that is exciting and stands out from the rest.

The team kits are suitable for many sports including Dodgeball, Football, and Korfball.

We also offer this service on Netball kits and Stag Do tops.

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