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Our brand new Kit Designer software..

Our brand new kit designer software is coming soon...

We are very pleased to announce that our brand new bespoke state of the art kit designer is currently in development and will soon be ready. This new software will allow you to easily design your own bespoke football/soccer kits online and view live changes as you make them.

If you want to be one of the first to test out our new kit designer then add yourself to our VIP list and we will update you the second it's available. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER AS VIP

What can you expect to see in our new kit designer:

1) Select your design

2) Edit colors to meet your requirements

3) Add sponsors

4) Add player numbers

5) Add players names

6) Edit shorts visuals

7) Choose neck collar

8) Add graphics

9) Choose your size

10) View your designs live as you edit them

11) Easy to use software

12) Checkout online

13) New templates to be added regularly

14) Create your own template

15) 4 weeks turnaround from once you submit

Lots of templates to choose from

We have lots of templates to get you started, you can edit anything from the templates, or you may wish to create your own template.

We look forward to seeing your creative designs very soon. The Cheetah Sportswear team

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