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Design your own Grid Outfit

At Cheetah Sportswear every single outfit is made to order and designed exactly the way you want. We believe in giving you our client exactly what you want. We have in-house graphic designers who are ready and waiting to start working on your visuals and unlike other companies we DO NOT charge a design fee or any setup fees.

We start by sending you blank templates allowing you to give us some ideas of what you are looking for. Here your design skills can be as basic or advanced as you
like. Once we receive your ideas our designers will then work closely with you until you are happy with your visuals. We will require any logos sent to us in EPS, Ai,
PSD, EPS, PDF or TIFF, if you have your pantone colours then please send us these allowing us to match the outfits to your brand colours.

Stage 1- What do you require?

Shopping List.JPG

This is your opportunity to tell us exactly what you want.

By completing our online form we will have all of the information needed to get you started.

Once we know exactly what you want with quantities we can provide you with a quotation immediately.

Remember the more information you provide will mean the quicker we can process things.

Always try to give a business email rather than a Gmail / Hotmail etc, business email's are always given priority. 

Stage 2 - Sketch out your ideas

Image 2.jpg

When entering the design stage you have two options:

Option 1:
We provide all clients with a blank template and ask you sketch some ideas together. These can be as basic or advanced as you like, our designers will then put some mock-ups together based on your ideas and notes.

Option 2:
You may wish to send us images of other outfits you like, then we will work from here, or simply explain as best you can what you are 

When you return your ideas we also ask for the below

  • High Resolution Logos

  • Pantone Colours required 

  • Any specialised artwork files

Stage 3- We create a set of visuals

Image 3.jpg

We have a team of experienced and talented designers who will now work on your visuals. Depending on how busy we are, this can take from 2 hours - 8 hours to return back to you.

Remember we work on GMT and so our office close at 5.30pm each day, so some visuals may follow a day later. 

Here you have unlimited revisions and once we received your feedback we will simply amend the visuals. 

Stage 4 - Review & approve

Image 4.JPG

Our designers will now send you a mock-up of your outfit. 
This is your opportunity to suggest any changes you wish to make.

Once you are happy with the designs we will then need the sizes required and it's then off to production. 

Stage 5 - Production

Image 5.jpg

Our production team will now begin creating your garments from complete scratch. 

The process will involve printing, cutting, stitching, assembling and quality inspection. 

Once we are happy and they pass our quality control, they are packages and loaded for dispatch.

Stage 6 - Dispatch

Cheetah Delivery.jpg

Once your garments are ready they will be dispatched from the factory to your chosen address.

We ship worldwide and depending on shipping package you selected your outfits will take between 1 - 14 working days to arrive.

Once your outfits have been dispatched you will received tracking details from us via email. 

Stage 7 - Outfits arrive, enjoy!

Image 7.jpg

The final stage is receiving your outfits and then it's all down to you.

You will notice the final catsuits we have shown here are also featured in the visual stage.

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