workout from home with ross

Cheetah Sportswear have teamed up with Ross Clemo who is a qualified personal trainer from Hertfordshire. Ross has kindly agreed to keep us all fit and healthy by posting daily videos of exercises you can do at home. We will update this page daily with the latest training video from Ross. If you have any questions or suggestions then please feel free to contact us.

Video 1

16min EMOM (every minute on the minute)

Up down plank 15

Prison squat 20

Alternate between the 2 so you do your 15 planks first with clock running, if that takes 20secs then you have 40 secs rest before starting the squats...and so on

Video 2

Db double snatch 10

Hammer curl 10

7 rounds, done as a superset every 2 minutes, so if it takes 1min to do both exercises then you have 1min rest before going again

Video 3

15min EMOM again
so 5 rounds of each exercise
Devil press 6
Overhead press 12
Db press up 24

Video 4