Design the ultimate jersey and then receive the physical version for free!

During February 2020 we are running a competition to find the best football jersey design, the winners will receive their dream jersey's the following month

How does it work:
Basically you need to create the coolest football kit around, add your own unique colours, backgrounds, embellishments etc, just be creative as you like. Once you have submitted your entrance and it has been approved we shall upload to the voting panel which is open to the world to see and of course vote.

The competition closes on Sunday 1st December and we shall reveal the winner on Monday 2nd December. If you are the winner we will contact you for your sizes and other information and then dispatch the outfit to you. 

What we require
We would require you to design your own football kit and ideally in the same format as we have shown above. However if you wish to enter the competition using a different file then we shall accept this. You can upload a rear version too. 

The Prize
1st  - You will receive two football kits as per your designs (male or female)
2nd  - You will receive one football kit as per your design (male or female)

How people Vote
During the 2nd half of November we shall be advertising the fact our competition is open and fans will be directed to the voting page to cast their votes.

Last date to enter
Sunday 1st December

When will I receive my prize?
Before Christmas Day


Are you looking for designers to work for you?
Yes potentially and apart from the obvious exposure, we are also running this completion to find some creative designers to work with.

We do not have many rules but just a couple and mostly legal.

1) You are not allowed to upload any unlicensed sponsors to your kit or use any brand names without consent. If you have permission from a sponsor then feel free to add that. If you do not have a sponsor to add and want one then we have several companies who would give you permission to use on your jersey.
2) The version you create must be your own and not from a 3rd party.
3)  The Manufacture logo featured on the kits (right hand side) must be the Cheetah Sportswear logo. You can change the colours to match your design and we will send you the file. The socks must also feature the Cheetah Logo
4) Once you submit your logo it will be property of Cheetah Sportswear and this will then allow for us to manufacture your prize.

Please email if you experience upload issues