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During the first 2 weeks in February we are running a competition to see who can create the best football Jersey's. Entries close on Sunday 16th February and the winners are announced on Sunday 1st March. All you need to do is to click onto our kit builder and design your dream jersey. The general public will vote from the 17th Feb onwards for their favourites. 

the prizes...

1st Place = 3 Jerseys
2nd Place = 2 Jersey 
3rd Place = 1 Jersey

These will arrive to you towards the end of March 

how do i enter?

To enter simply click HERE and start creating your jersey. IMPORTANT: You must request a quote to allow your design to be processed. In the section where it asks "WHAT DO YOU NEED" simply enter "COMPETITION"

Design 1.JPG

q & a

If I win, how will you know my size and where to send to?
We will contact you to make you aware that you have won and then ask for your details

Do you make all sizes
Yes we do

When does the competition end?
Last date to submit is Sunday 16th February

When is the winner announced?
Sunday 1st March

If I win, when will I receive my tops?
Latest will be Tuesday 31st March

Who decides on the winners?
The general public, there will be a voting page online, which we will share with you.

Can I share my designs on Social Media?
Yes absolutely and we would like this, just remember to tag us in @cheetahsportswear

Can I use any sponsors and logos?
Please read our rules & terms on sponsorship.

Can you create me anything else bespoke?
Yes we offer jackets, tracksuits, hoodies, bags plus other sports.

rules& terms

1) You are allowed to use any logos in the competition, however we can only print logos/sponsors that you have permission to use. For example if you wish to upload the sponsor "Coca-Cola" then we can use this design as your entry, but will not be able to print the Coca-Cola logo if you win (unless you have permission to use that logo)

2) Any inappropriate images, hate or foul language will automatically exclude your entry 

good luck...

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